Meeting of the delegation of young scientists of Karaganda state technical University in Kuzbass

In LLC “Gazprom mining Kuznetsk” held a meeting with the doctoral students of the Department of  “Exploration of the mineral Deposit” of Karaganda state technical University.


PhD students of Karaganda state technical University at the office of LLC “Gazprom mining Kuznetsk”. Kemerovo, may 2016.

Attention OOO “Gazprom mining Kuznetsk” Kazakhstan’s neighbors is not accidental. More recently, in Kazakhstan it is manifested noticeable interest in the extraction of methane from coal seams, is making first steps on the way to becoming the industry.


At the site of the first Russian CBM wells. Taldinskaya CBM field, may 2016.

LLC “Gazprom mining Kuznetsk” — the first and only company in Russia producing coal bed methane. The industry absolutely new for Russia and for Kazakhstan at the interface of the gas and coal industry, and LLC “Gazprom mining Kuznetsk” has accumulated experience in introducing innovative technologies in exploration and production of coalbed methane, — says the rector of Karaganda state technical University Arstan Gazaliyev.


PhD students of Karaganda state technical University on Naryksko-Ostashkovski field. May 2016.

The delegation arrived three people. All of them — Nail Zamaliev, Denis Akhmatnurov  and Irina Schmidt-Fedotova — young employees of Karaganda state technical University, who was not afraid to study new industry — the production of coal methane. During the visit, these young, but very ambitious guys of course tried to get as much information, ask as many questions, to delve into the details.


UPG Taldinskaya CBM field, May 2016.


Denis Akhmatnurov on methane coal fields in Kuzbass. May 2016.

Specialists of the company organized deep, extensive and interesting program: the members of the delegation of Karaganda state technical University visited the gas fields, saw the process of extraction of coal methane and the operation of the equipment, participated in round tables with specialists of “Gazprom mining Kuznetsk”, asked a lot of questions and got acquainted with their experience in this new for the CIS industry.


Head of section of preparation and gas compression Sergei Salnikov shows the doctoral student of Karaganda state technical University Nail Zamaliev work automobile gas-filling compressor station “Bi-methane”. Taldinskaya CBM field, May 2016.

In a short time we managed to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the Geology of the Kuzbass, construction, research and maintenance of wells, the subtleties of the issues of intensification of influx and use of methane gas. In studying the experience of methane production we were helped by a team of specialists and high-level professionals, — tells Nail Zamaliev. — Are confident that this experience will help in writing our doctoral dissertations and, of course, will give a new impetus to the development of the industry in the Karaganda coal basin.



Guests from Kazakhstan with the leadership of LLC “Gazprom mining Kuznetsk”. From left to right: Artem Korovitcin, Irina Schmidt-Fedotova, Igor Kovalev, Artur Almukhametov, Nail Zamaliev, Denis Akhmatnurov. May 2016.