Meeting of students of the University with the staff of the Central RP

October 6, 2015 in the  II building , in room 207 with students of  groups PGR-15-3; DG-15-4; DG-15-5; MEC-15-3; HTOV-15-2; ND-15-3 in the amount of 144 people, also in room  205 with the students of  groups CWP-15-1; NVP-15-2 in the amount of 42 people  and in the I building, in  room 207 with students of  groups-15-2; BT-15-2; FIM-15-3; FIEM-15-4; fit-15-2; e-15-2; NVP-15-3; NVP-15-4; WA-15-2 in the amount of 135 people conducted  lecture on administrative offence and criminal offence with the staff of Central RP: district inspector of juvenile police, captain of police –  Amanzholov D.M; inspector of Central RP, seniors leytanant of police Bolysbayev E. E.

The staff of the Central RP was informed about the increase in street crimes and were explained about prevention of offenses for disorderly conduct. Told about the General situation of  law and order in the city,  stopped on the main points of the work of patrol services. Cited as an example the statistical data for the first half of 2015. A list of crimes, terrorist acts in the cities of Kazakhstan.