Meeting ahead of EXPO – 2017

5 April, the meeting “EXPO – 2017. Karaganda brand: from tradition to modernity” was held in N.V. Gogol Karaganda regional library. The evening was dedicated to the promotion of the aims set before our country through participation in this global event and the role that Karaganda region plays in its decision.

Participants of the evening were scientists, inventors of Karaganda University: A.D. Mekhtiev (KSTU), V.M. Yurov and A. Iskanderov (KSU). Teachers demonstrated the principle of the practical application of their inventions.

At the beginning of the event, all the participants listened to a lecture by a senior researcher of Temitau local lore museum T.V. Khmeleva. She spoke about the history of EXPO exhibitions and how these shows have changed our lives and our planet.

After this, the inventors spoke in front of guests. They demonstrated their own development and also told about their vision of the concept “Energy of future”.

“Energy of the future –is the most important element, which forms a modern independent state. After all, if the country has cheap energy, it does not depend on anyone. And those who acquire it abroad pay practically for all spheres of life. In addition, the energy of the future is also a question of ecology. How will we live in ten or twenty years? We should think about today. To think and to solve these issues immediately”, Ali Javanshirovich Mekhtiyev said.

After the event, guests were able to come to take a closer look and hold unique exhibits presented by local lore museum of Temirtau.