Meeting with the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Financial Monitoring

On 07.12.2023, at 15.00, in the production auditorium No. 229 of the building No. 2 of the Mining Faculty of KarTA, an informative meeting of the DSER staff with students of the RMPI department on the topic “Legal and anti-corruption literacy of youth” was held. The following groups of the department took an active part in the event: GD-23-4, GD-23-5, GD-23s, SGP-23-2, ND-21-2, ND-20-2, ND-22-1, ND-22-2, GD-20-3, GD-20-4, SGP-21-1 a total of 147 students of the department attended the meeting. DER operatives were invited: Yntykpaev N.R. and Sedagaliev A.A. At the end of the meeting, the students asked their questions to the staff of the RSER RMPI GF CARD

The organizer of the meeting is the curator of gr.ND-22-2 Zhumabekov M.N.