Material resources for training

Information about the conditions for learning (the material basis for the study).

During training, the student is studying compulsory and elective subjects from the cycle of basic and specialized courses. In order to study these disciplines in the department has teaching and methodical literature for coursework, laboratory and practical work at the state and Russian languages, as well as multimedia electronic design, which the student can learn on their own in libraries KSTU.

The educational process includes teaching students the passage of the study, specialized geological survey and industrial practices.

Trial Practice Study conducted at the end of two academic semesters and a trip to the students and the known deposits of Karaganda Karaganda region to study the geology and genesis of deposits and minerals.

Specialized geological semochnayapraktika held for students graduating from the second year in the LDF “Polytechnic”. Work carried out by students in geological practice: to be able to navigate the terrain with the help of satellite images, topographic maps, geological features to distinguish from each other to know their characteristic location, ie the morphology of solids through compass and GPS outputs navigatorov.Opisanie geological bodies on the surface is in a field journal where submitted data described obekte.Eto geological time writing up this last point with respect to the location of the point of conclusion, based koordinaty.V section and stratigraphy of minerals on the geological object.

Practical training is the speed and magnitude of the introduction of geological work is an introduction to safety when conducting geological work and life safety, exit routes to the description and coordinates of the removal, sampling for each test, depending on the type of raboty.Kameralnye days are held to summarize the results and application of geological information on a map and graph paper after passing routes. In the end after all the work the data obtained from the study area perdostavlyaetsya to protect the customers.

Prospects for the development of links with the Department:

– Computerization and introduction of computer technology in education, the introduction of application software packages, staffing logistics by equipping with modern computers;

– The expansion of international relations with foreign companies and universities and the CIS.

Department of Geology and exploration of mineral deposits has long ties with the departments of universities of the CIS, is reviewed in the abstracts of dissertations of CIS scientists. The Department cooperates with the related departments of the Moscow State University. University, Ural State Mining and Geological Academy (UGGA Ekaterinburg), State Academy of Oil and Gas (GANG Moscow), Kazakh National Technical University, Tomsk Polytechnic University in the exchange of educational and methodological developments, modern technology training and control knowledge.

Department of inviting leading scientists and educators from other universities to give lectures, consultations, post-graduate students. Over the years, have been invited to give lectures, and students and staff of the Department: prof. Artsybashev VA(Leningrad Mining Institute), AK Malovichko (Perm State University), Professor. Starchik LP (Institute of Atomic Energy, Moscow), Doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences – Ponomarev, VN, Vozzhennikov GS Utkin, VI, Bakhvalov, AN, Koshelev IP

– Technique. The department is equipped with everything you need to learn the latest equipment, which allows for not only classes at a high level, but also scientific research.

In 2008 the department had purchased a polarizing microscope lab POLAM A-213M for observing, photographing, and video objects in polarized light, polarizing microscope and ore POLAM P-312, designed for studies of opaque objects by reflected light, ordinary and polarized.

Today, our graduates can be found in enterprises of Kazakhstan, Western Siberia and Tartary, in research institutions in Moscow and Tver, in the universities of Kazakhstan and Russia, the United States, Canada, in company of JSC “KazMunayGas”, LLP “TsentrGeolSemka” Sary-ArkaMining, Inc. ” Arman-station “, JSC” Kazakhmys “, KazMarganets, Kazchrome, Kazzinc.

Teachers of the department developed a series of textbooks in Kazakh and Russian languages, released two monographs (Professor Bilyalov BD).

– Educational, industrial and undergraduate students practical training is an important integral part of the educational process to ensure consistency, continuity of student learning.

The first practice of training takes place on the geological trajectory in the LDF “Polytechnic” (Mr. Karkaralinsk), during which students study the geological features, learn about the genesis of the rocks.

The purpose of the production and pre-diploma practice is to introduce the manufacture of search, prospect evaluation, exploration for mineral deposits and geological services of mining enterprises, with the technological process of production

Practices are held in companies, joint-stock company “Aluminium of Kazakhstan,” UD JSC “ArcelorMittal Temirtau” LLC “TsentrGeolSemka.”

Education in the official language of mining engineers, geologists began with 1993.

Developed over a decade of special courses in the disciplines of choice for the students of our profession.

Quality training of bachelors and masters is impossible without serious scientific work at the department. Research directions that have been developed and are developing at present, are connected with a wide range of problems, both theoretical and practical nature.