Material science and technology of metals

Material science and technology of metalsTutorial/A.M. Gazaliev, V.V. Yegorov, A.Z. Isagulov, D.K. Isin; Under the editorship of academician NAS RK A.M. Gazalieva. Karaganda State Technical University. -Karaganda: Publishing House, KSTU, 2011.587-p. ISBN 978-601-296-087-7

In the tutorial the structure and basic properties of structural materials, used in different industries, also the theory and technology of iron-carbonalloys heat treatment outlines.

The technological and physical-chemical bases for obtaining the materials and billet products based on metal are given as well as information on relevant equipment and tools. The accelerated methods of machine parts production from constructional materials are reviewed with given profile and necessary technological parameters.

Tutorial is intended for students in higher education. And also will be useful for graduate students, teachers and pupils of the college.