Material resources for learning

The main purpose of the Teaching-methodological council of the department of welding and foundry production is to improve the quality of training of students of the university and improvement of methodological support of training of specialists in the light of bologna process. In connection with this the current 2011-12 academic years were given the following tasks:

1. Provision of methodological bases of teaching:

the replenishment of the educational-methodical literature

control and methodological support for the development of the planned electronic textbooks and educational-methodological manuals

elaboration of methodological support for the three steps of higher education (electronic versions of books, the effectiveness of independent work and individual work with the teacher)

development and expertise of test tasks for controlling the cutoff primary current, residual knowledge.

the development of the material-technical base of the department

2. Improving the quality of teaching:

the use of ICT in the educational process

the analysis of the conduct master-classes and open classes at the department

control of the feasibility and the practical importance of взаимопосещений teachers

3. monitoring of the quality of education:

analysis of attendance of students

the results of the milestone controls

analysis of the results of examination sessions

consideration of the problem of the education of students гос.групп

the analysis of the quality of provided educational services, the level of academic achievements of students