Master students’ internship in China


Master students of the first course of specialty 6M073100 “Life safety and environment protection” Bazylova Anel, Kubayeva Dinara and Shakhanova Salidat have passed scientific internship in Harbin Institute of Technology (China) during the period from April 21 to April 30.

Harbin Institute of Technology, which was created in 1920  takes the 9th place among all higher educational institutions of China. Training is based on technical science, in combination with natural, administrative, humanitarian and social sciences.

Harbin Institute of Technology has prepared more than 100 thousand graduates. Now at HIT more than 60 500 students of various types of training, among them more than 1000 foreign students are trained. There are 68 specialties of a bachelor degree, 100 specialties on receiving degree of the master, 68 specialties on receiving PhD’s degree, 18 national scientific directions, 22 laboratories of national, departmental and provincial categories.