Report on the master class curator group LOG-19-1 G. E. Shegebaev

On October 24, 2019 the teacher of the Department of higher mathematics, the curator of the LOG-19-1 group G. E. Shegebaeva held a master class on the theme “Kazakhstan-zayyrly memleket”. Students of the group prepared a presentation on this topic with the involvement of materials on the implementation of the subprogram “Atameken”, made a crossword puzzle, poems dedicated to our homeland were performed. During the master class, the students of the group were divided into three teams, among which there was a competition on public, geographical and political life of Kazakhstan. The master class was attended by the Methodist of the Institute of Patriotic education A. E. Sharipova, Deputy Dean of electrical engineering faculty on educational work of M. T. Osmanalieva, senior curator of the Department of Kazakh language and culture L. M. Suleimenova.