Master class lecture from leading architect and town planner Algis Vysniunas was held on April 16, 2019

On April 16, 2019, the Department of Architecture and Design organized a lecture from the leading architect and city planner Algis Vysniunas as part of the integrated program of the KSTU for 2019, Appendix No. 1, item 1.


The purpose of the lecture was to demonstrate the general style of architecture in European cities, modern problems in urban planning and architecture and their solutions.

The lecture was attended by students of the specialties “Architecture” and “Design” from 1 to 5 courses, faculty members, as well as graduates and invited guests: Kasyan S.V. – Director of the House of Architects; Zolotaryova L.R. – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Honorary Doctor of Science (Doctor of Science, Honoris Causa) RAM, Professor of the Department of Fine Arts and Design of the KarSU named after. E.A. Buketova; Imanov M.O. – Dean of the ASF, Ph.D., professor of KSTU.

The total student girth was 120 people.