Master classes of the professor of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania), Jurate Schliogerine for students, graduate students and doctoral students, teachers of the Building Materials and Technology Department

Karaganda Technical University invited a professor, PhD, Jurate Schliogerine from the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Lithuania) to the Building Materials and Technology Department to give lectures, master classes, seminars, to hold scientific consultations and deliver trainings, within the framework of the foreign scientists’ involvement program of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The invited professor gave a series of relevant lectures and seminars, the master classes, delivered the trainings and held the scientific consultations with students of all levels and academic teaching staff of the department from 28.10.2021 to 28.11.2021.

Doctoral students of the department, studying under the educational programs 8D07302 – “Production of Building Materials, Products and Structures” and 8D07301 – “Construction”, were given the seminars and consultations on the relevant topic: “Sustainable development of territories and real estate. Integrating the concept of sustainable development into the solutions of the construction sector”.

The master classes, the lectures and the seminars on modern technologies of building materials and materials science were given to graduate students of the department.

The invited professor also gave the lectures and the seminars on the discipline “Sustainable development of real estate” in English for the students of the department. Jurate Schliogerine was directly involved in the development of digital educational multimedia tasks, teaching videos:

The trainings were organized for the academic teaching staff and employees of the department on the topic: “Preparation of the scientific publications on sustainable construction and real estate management”. Participants received appropriate certificates, based on the results of the trainings.

Professor, Jurate Schliogerine paid great attention to generation of the proposals and recommendations on increasing a publication activity of the academic teaching staff of the department in the international rating journals. She held the consultations for leading teachers of the department, gave the recommendations and prepared the joint scientific articles “ANALYSING THE CONVERSION OF INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS IN THE CONTEXT OF THE SUSTAINABILITY ASPECT”, “ASSESSMENT OF SUSTAINABLE INVESTMENTS IN RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS” together with them.

Professor, Jurate Schliogerine discussed plans for the next years and gave the seminar, concerning realization of the program of external academic mobility of the students, internships for the graduate students and the doctoral students, as well as the academic teaching staff of the department.

The results of the work and plans of further cooperation of the Karaganda Technical University with the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University were discussed together with the head of department, Imanov E.K.