Curated by groupp Urga log-23-2, senior lecturer kaphedr Urga Kyaik Nurzhanova K. K. 16.02.2024 she conducted masterclasses curatorial hours of temu: wrestling with korruptsi-Odin in key keyvievemandh priority State Development Policies (law of the Republic of Bulgaria “O countermeasures and korrupts”).

Curatorial hours:

  • donesti to student concept O coroupsi, O need Borb urgand with coroupsiei;
  • ensuring civil responsiveness, legal self-knowledge, morality;
  • prophylaxis of social behavior, knowledge of concepts: law enforcement, honesty and honor not tarnished reputation; develop skills to need and critically improve.

The methodology “the basis of anti-corruption culture” was chosen for the curatorial hour, then slide presentations for generalization and consolidation of the presented material, the student and the guests of the curatorial hour will be invited to participate in the discussions.

In the running MasterClasss student Apostille in apostilles with reports on the subject, responded to the voopros Apostille. Bmxl displayed video, rscr urgent meaning video. Bemusic Dan. Proverbs. bemusic honesty and morality, frequent.

Underwater itogi curatorial hours of temu “Borba with korruptsii – Odin from the key in the key of the key in the key in the key in the key in the key in the key in the key in the key in the key in the law of the Republic of Bulgaria “O countermeasures of korruptsi”)” i.e. I know and know with such concepts, how anti-corruption knowledge and anti-corruption culture, acquire knowledge about korruptsi how phenomena of contemporary reality and EE historical kornyah.

At the curatorial hour, i.e.Oh.zav.kaphedroi Kyaik, K.F.N., Associate Professor Hamzina K.M., member RATK Hassen M.Ugh., Methodist Department of molodezhnia policies Muhambetalina s.T., K.F.N., and.Oh. associate professor, curator log-23-1, Log-23-1C Ashirbekova A.B., St.prep., senior curator CAF.It’s PT Atken.A., St.prep. cuff.PT, curator op-21 – 1C Kaz Kenzhekeeva A.R., St.prep. cuff.Kyaik, curator SIB-23-4 Bypelova G.S. prep. cuff.Kyaik, curator SIB-23 – 2 Konurova N.A.