Master class “Fundamentals of legal culture of youth”

On 11.18.2022 at 15:00 at the Department of DMD within the framework of the Comprehensive Program, a master class of a curatorial hour was held in groups ND-22-2 and ND-20-3 (curators Zhumabekov M.N. and Zhumabekova A.E.) on the topic “ Legal culture of modern youth”.

During the master class, student Satenova A. prepared a quiz on the topic “Fundamentals of the legal culture of youth”. Students Savriev M., Shumbasov Yu., Gerzhik V., Token A. took part in the debates within the framework of the topic. As guests, the Head of the Second Investigation Department Abilkas A. Zh, as well as the detective for especially important cases of the organizational and control department Kusmanova Z.M. were invited. The guests spoke on the topic of financial literacy, talked about ways to prevent financial crimes and gave parting words to students.