LLP «Sky-tech» is required:

– developer (MS.NET)
– analyst
– system administrator
– developer (MS.NET)
– analyst-tester
Description of the vacancies
Depending on the project:

Analyst – conducting surveys, development of technical-economical grounds, development of the technical specifications, the description of business processes of state bodies, development of graphic interface models, specifications of the draft laws in the field of IT, development of business-processes in specialized environments modeling, development of manuals and project documentation.
Analyst-tester – development of acceptance tests scenarios, carrying out of acceptance tests, development of stress and other types of tests, development of project documentation.
Developer (MS .NET) – design and development of software code on the Microsoft platform .NET, C#  language and related software platforms.
System administrator (with the skills of PHP programmer) – development of the corporate portal of Sky-tech company, maintenance, adjustment and development of hardware and software infrastructure of Sky-tech company and its customers.

Requirements to candidates
Specialized engineering education, understanding of the basic principles of the device and operation of software systems, knowledge of working principles of the database, analytical mind.
And the most important.. – courage to say to yourself: « I will build my future today, and now, I will learn new and complicated, I will be a professional!».
We shall consider the graduates on the following specialties:
1) Institute of Computer Technologies and Systems Engineering
– Information systems
– Computing and software
2) Institute of Power engineering, Communications and Automation

– Automation and control
Sky-Tech – it’s Kazakhstan IT-company, which operates on development market of large and complex software systems. We carry out complex and innovative tasks, we undertake project management, which previously failed, we solve tasks faster and better than our competitors.
The main direction of activity is software development and IT-consulting. 90% of our customers – is the public sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Large-scale projects, in which our company takes part: «E-Government», «E-licensing», «Integrated Information System of Education», «System of Electronic Learning (e-Learning» and other not less significant projects.

Every year, in the middle of the autumn, Sky-Tech opens a vacancies for young specialists: undergraduates, graduates and students of 3, 4 course.
All vacancies are concrete position in real projects, beside each other with experienced experts.
For young professionals – it is an opportunity to pass practice, internship and get a job.


Head office: 010000, Astana, Orynbor street, 8 (Ministry house) phone. (7172) 502 480, 269 622.

Karaganda branch-office: Karaganda, Alikhanov str., 1 office №315 phone. (7212) 920 701, 920 703, +7(702)218 64 41.