LLP «Kazcentrelectroprovod»

invites students to pass practice
Dear students! We invite you to pass practice in KAZCENTRELECTROPROVOD company.
We provide opportunity to start a career in a large company. We are waiting for the active, interested, responsible, initiative students of the 2, 3, 4 courses.
Practice in our company – it is a great opportunity to work in the conditions of real business, to get acquainted with the various sectors of the economy, as well as the chance to «try on» position.
You will get professional experience in working with highly skilled specialists, get acquainted with the specifics of the work, get opportunity to participate in projects and interesting life of our company.

Internship will allow you to consolidate your theoretical knowledge and skills in practice, to learn basic approaches in business at the level of world standards, strengthen in the correctness of a choice of a profession and be ready for the real work. Conditions of training, internships and further employment, as well as the admission to work of experts would be discussed at the interview.
Students, who have shown the best results – will be employed.
We invite to pass practice and internship, with an aim of further employment of students and graduates of the following specialties:

5B070900 «Metallurgy»

5B071000 « Materials science and technology of new materials»

5B071200 «Machine building»

5B073200 « Standardization, metrology and certification»

5В070200 «Automation and control»

5В071700 «Heat and power engineering»

5В071800 «Electric power»

5В071900 «Radio techniques, electronics and telecommunications»

5В070300 «Information systems»

5В070400 «Computer science and software»

5В071600 «Instrument making»

5В100200 «Information security systems»

5В051100 «Marketing»

5В050700 «Management»

5В050800 «Accounting and audit»

5В050600 «Economics»

LLP «Kazcentrelectroprovod»

101200 Karaganda region, Saran, Makarenko str., 1 «а»

Phone/fax: +7/7212/ 912-500, +7 701 689 45 00


Contacts: Borisova Nataliya Vladimirovna

Phone: +7 701 689 45 00


LLP «Кazcentrelectroprovod» is the largest producer in the sphere of telecommunications and electric power industry in Kazakhstan.
KAZCENTRELECTROPROVOD elected the satisfaction of the requirements and the achievement of the goals of their clients as the philosophy of own activity by providing qualitative products and services. This principle is implemented through the implementation of the quality management system, certified according to international standard ISO 9001:2000.
Pledge of success of the company are investments into their own development, constant improvement of personnel qualification, application of hi-tech means of production, close cooperation with customers and timely conclusion of solutions on the market. Marketing and technology partnership with the leaders of the industry allows to constantly accumulate experience in the field of telecommunications and electric power industry.

A unique production was developed during the work period, has accumulated a great experience, acquired new knowledge, advanced technologies were implemented. The production is equipped with modern high-tech equipment that allows to produce high quality products. Scientific-research work is actively carried out, new technologies and production are developed.
The main goal of any policy of LLP «Kazcentrelectroprovod» – is creation of the required material and social conditions to attract and retain the enterprise highly skilled specialists.
Each employee for us – not just a performer of their functions, and important member of our inner life. Therefore, selecting staff, we hope that he will pass a long way with us. The selection process for internal and external candidates for vacancies are the same. It is transparent and structured and begins with the careful selection of resumes and applications.

Concern for the well-being of employees is one of the priorities of the social policy. The main principle of enterprise’s social policy is creation of comfortable conditions for work and rest of the employees, improvement of their social protection, improvement of labour and social relations in the team. Thus, there is substantial contribution to ensuring stability and efficiency of the work in improving the business reputation of the enterprise as a whole.
Currently, the company employs a lot of people and there is a tendency to an increase in the number of young workers. A very important issue is to work with youth, formation of the interest in the work of the plant, the maintenance of the scientific and creative activity, and recreational activities.
Working hours: from 8:00 to 17:00,
Lunch break: from 13:00 to 14:00,
Day off: Saturday, Sunday.
Delivery to and from work for citizens of Karaganda and satellite cities is carried out by employer’s transport.