Literary table “Nauryz zhyl basses”

March 15, 2017 at 15.00 in the Karaganda Regional Youth Library them. J. Bekturov held a literary table called “Nauryz zhyl bass”, dedicated to the celebration of Nauryz.

During the event, students of creative circles of the KSTU came up with reading numbers of poems and playing on dombra:

  1. Poetry Club “Сөз патшасы”: Амирғазы Еламан гр. TE-14-1 and Nesipbai Aruzhan gr. OPI-16-1;

2. Dabrow ensemble “Saryarқa sazy”: Dәulet Қabdıraş gr. FEMEM-16-1 and Dуулетханов Ерасыл гр. ND-16-2.

The leadership of the Karaganda Regional Youth Library. G. Bekturov sent an official letter of thanks to the Rector of the KSTU prof. Ibatova M.K. For the active participation of students and the head of the creative circle “Suz patchasy” Muzhimova Asel Kanatbekovna in the event “Literary table” Nauryz zhyl basses. ”