Literary and musical evening “Ar oleni – bir alem”

A literary and musical evening “Ar oleni – bir alem” was held in the dormitory “House of Students”, dedicated to the birthday of the poet Mukagali Makatayev. The purpose of the evening: an overview of the life and work of the poet Mukagali Makatayev, who left an indelible mark. To show, to realize what is the essence of the wide dissemination of M. Makataev’s poetry and the secret of its viability, to show the specifics of the harmony of his work with music, to present to the attention of the society songs written in the words of the poet.

The evening began with a slide show dedicated to the poet’s biography and listening to the poet’s poems written in his own voice. During the evening, students read poetry and sang songs of the poet. Based on the poem “When the swans sleep”, the students showed a small scene.