Literary and creative evening “The Great mentor of life”, dedicated to the 180th anniversary of Y. Altynsarin

On October 13, 2021, on the basis of the Karaganda Technical University, within the framework of the special project “Great People of the Great Steppe”, a literary and creative evening “The Great Mentor of Life” dedicated to the 180th anniversary of Y. Altynsarin will be held.

The event is held in the state and Russian languages.

Organizers: Head of the Department of Russian Language and Culture Ospanova B.R., responsible teachers Ph.D. Nasyrova A.B. and Ph.D. Kulpeisova T.S.

The form of participation is full-time with the use of DOT on the MS Teams platform

Command code: 7x3wzj7

Time of the event: 17.00

Target audience – 1st year students (150-200 people)

Objectives of the event:

  • to acquaint students with the legacy of the great teacher and educator Ybyrai Altynsarin;
  • to educate students with a sense of patriotism, honor, humanity, and an active life position;
  • to promote the development of students’ creative imagination, the desire to be involved in the legacy of the great teacher, educator, who initiated the secular education of the Kazakh people.

Ybyrai Altynsarin is an outstanding teacher, democrat, educator who devoted his entire adult life to the elimination of illiteracy, familiarizing the Kazakh people with the values of Russian and world culture. Thanks to his efforts, the first schools appeared in the Kazakh land, where children from ordinary families could study. This remarkable man contributed to the appearance of the first textbooks in the Kazakh language and Russian manuals for Kazakh schools.

There is an invisible trace of the great teacher in many achievements of our country, our people. The scale of Ybyrai Altynsarin’s personality, its versatility – a teacher, ethnographer, poet, translator – makes it possible to draw new knowledge from his heritage, find new ideas, study the history and culture of his country and people.