List of study groups

List of curators of the “Faculty of information technology

Institute for the 2015-2016 academic year





Group Department
Zharkimbekova А.Т., sen.lec. FIT-14-1, 2 (budget) ITS
Bartosik F.М., sen.lec. FIT -14-3 ( budget ) ITS
Алишева Д.М., lec. FIT -14-1с kaz ( budget ) IS
Тайлак Б.Е. , sen.lec. FIT -14-2с (budget) IS
Кайбасова Д.Ж. , sen.lec.. IS-14-1п (comm) IS
Томилов А.Н., lec. IS-14-2 ( budget / comm ) IS
Толымбекова Г.С., sen.lec. VT-13-1 kaz ( budget) IS
Триков В.В., sen.lec. VT-13-3rus ( budget) IS
Савченко Н.К., sen.lec.. IS-13-1p ( budget) IS
Молдаванова И.Г., sen.lec.. VT-13-2rus ( budget) ITS
Сулеймен А.Е., lec. I-13-2rus ( budget) ITS
Кадирова Ж.Б., sen.lec. FIT -15-1 kaz. ( budget) ITS
Толеутаева Ж. М., lec. FIT -15-2 ( budget) HM
Зайцева С.В., sen.lec. VT-15-2 (comm) IS
Абилдаева Г.Б. , sen.lec. IS-15-1p ( budget ) IS
Мартыненко О.В. , sen.lec. IS-15-2 ( comm) IS