A linguistic cross “To be literate means to open the whole world!” was held

On February 24, 2022, on the basis of the Karaganda Technical University, the Department of Russian Language and Culture (head of the department – cand. of Ph.Sci., Associate Professor Ospanova B.R.) held a linguistic cross “To be literate means to open the whole world!”.

More than 80 students took part in the event

The purpose of the event: to identify and support talented students, increasing interest in in-depth study of Russian language, expanding the linguistic horizons of students.


– creation of conditions for the development of cognitive and creative activity of students;

– identification of students with creative abilities;

– increasing students’ interest in linguistics as a science.

The linguistic cross was held among students of 1-3 courses with the state language of instruction and gave an opportunity to draw attention to literacy issues and develop a culture of communication of students.

Participants of the linguistic cross will be offered tasks of varying complexity in grammar, style, culture of Russian speech, speech etiquette, etc. Tasks are aimed at identifying intellectual, cognitive abilities, the breadth of the horizons of students, the ability to think creatively and outside the box.

This event is intended to remind about the importance of literate speech in the life of people and society and the need to master the norms of oral and written literary language (rules of pronunciation, word usage, grammar, stress, style).