From 12.09.2012 to 13.09.2012 will be Student introductory quest of KSTU (with support mobile operator of Beeline)


17.09.2012 will be a solemn award of participants of competition

It is necessary to adapt in new conditions for the first-year students who get into new surrounding, into new educational system, that’s why holding of annual event Students introductory quest “Let’s set the connection!” is an important event.

The aims of this contest is popularization, maintenance and increase of traditions, history of University; introduction of the first-year students with main educational subdivisions of KSTU.

During two days freshmen will visit stations located on the territory of educational buildings and subsidiary subdivisions of KSTU (Sport complex, SRI EET, Board of directors, Museum), visiting the office of mobile operator Beeline which helps them to adapt quicker at University.

Chief organizers:
Saduakassova Zhansulu
TRI trade union section;
MI trade union section.

Contact person: 1. Saduakassova Zhansulu 87004326416