Sh. Kudayberdiyev Languages Triunity Center

Sample office memo for translation of materials at Triunity Center

Under the cultural project “Triunity of Languages”, on the initiative of rector, NAS RK academician A.M. Gazaliyev Languages Triunity Center was opened in March 2008.  The Center is named after Shakarim Kudaiberdiyev, great philosopher, poet and educator of Kazakhstan.

Languages Triunity Center

  • enrolls students and teachers of KSTU to Kazakh, Russian, English language courses.
  • translates into English / Kazakh the following:
    • scientific technical literature, articles for publication in English-language journals
    • applications for grant financing of KSTU research
    • marketing, accounting and financial documents
    • materials for meetings of foreign delegations and KSTU’s partners
  • provides consecutive interpreting to/from English during official and working meetings, round tables, conferences at the University

For participants of contest

Pricelist for language courses in Languages Triunity Center

Our team

Nurseytova G.G. Translator Kaltaibayeva S.E. Deputy Director Aubakirov N.M. Director of the Center, Ph.D., Professor Igmanov K.M. Translator Begimova A.O. Translator
Tusupbekova S.I. Translator Drak N.M. 
Жүнісбек Амангелді Жарылғасынұлы
Рымбай Нұрсұлтан Жағыпарұлы
Дәрібекова Зарина Ержанқызы


Main building of KSTU

Office 121- Nurlybek Aubakirov, Director. Ext. 2050

Office 238 – Kaltaibayeva S.E.   Deputy Director. Language lab.

Office 316 – Kazakh translators. Ext. 1080

Office 319 – English translators. Ext. 1080


Photo gallery

Team of the Center in 2018

Team of the Center in 2014


Team of the Center in 2017

Kazakh language lesson in the Language lab. Using modern ICT

Language lab 238

Working process. Discussing the organization of a roundtable on the role of translation in a multilingual education.

Kazakh language translators. In the process of work.

Consecutive interpreting at a seminar with an American speaker, Vice-rector for Internationalization Constance Devereaux. November, 2017. Translator of the Languages Triunity Center


Consecutive interpretation into English. Saniya, Translator of the Center.

Guiding and interpreting for Indian cadets, guest of the University. Translator of the Center. Military cooperation between Kazakhstan and India.

Simultaneous interpreting (whispered interpreting) from Russian to English at the round table on coalbed methane with guests from the UN Economic Commission. Translators of the Center Adilet Kudaybergenov and Alla Dolgopolova.

Interpreting to and from English for colleagues from Korea. Saniya, Translator of the Center.

Consecutive interpreting at an online seminar with American speaker, Vice-rector for Internationalization Constance Devereaux and American specialist J. Ponce. December, 2017. Assistance in technical equipping of the event from Murat Kozhanov, head of an Office of E-Learning Technology Center

Republican conference “Saginov Readings”, 2017. Consecutive interpreting from English. The speaker is an American specialist, Taryn U’Haley.

Opening of the “KarSTU-Mitsubishi Electric-Kazpromavtomatika” training center with the participation of the management of the three companies. Guests from Japan. Margulan  Sharip interpreting into English.


Образец служебки на перевод материалов в Триединстве