Language courses for students, undergraduates, doctoral students and faculty of the University

In order to implement Step # 79 Plan of the nation on the introduction of teaching in English Department of foreign languages Innovation center “Trilingualism” with 1.10.2015 provides the following commercial language courses for students, undergraduates, doctoral students and teaching staff of the University on a regular basis:

1. English language course for faculty and staff of the University (7 months, 8000 tenge per month)
2. A proficiency course in English (7 months, 8000 tenge per month)
3. Experimental course of foreign language for professional purposes with the qualification of “technical and Scientific translator” (7 months, 8800 tenge per month)
4. Technical language levels (7 months, 8800 tenge per month)
5. Courses on preparation for receipt in a magistracy ( monthly courses 11200 tenge per month)
6. Course in the discipline “English for academic purposes” for graduate profile graduate (7 months, 12000 tenge per month)
7. course for preparation to pass the international IELTS test and TOEFL (5 week course, 48 000 tenge per course)

Also, the Department of foreign languages is free English course “Conversational English” for faculty, undergraduates, doctoral students of the University on Tuesdays from 9.00 to 17.00 in the auditorium 529, building 1. The course is organized during the working day on an ongoing basis as the initial stage of engaging teachers in the learning process of the English language. This course will be organized around the free time of the staff of the Department of linguistics.
For any questions, please contact the Department of foreign languages, room 430 (1 building)