Language courses abroad for young people and adults


July 25th, 2014

Travel with EF

Do you want to learn a language abroad?

Book an intensive course for 3 months and get a flight as a gift.

Date of commencement of the course no later than September 29, 2014.

Book a course now!

Offer valid for directions:

– Malta: tuition costs $ 6990;

– Singapore: tuition costs $ 7390;

– Washington residential accommodation: $ 8990 tuition fee.

All offers are valid until August 2, 2014.

Popular Destinations


The EF school with its own private beach club located a few steps from the most popular shops and restaurants in Malta.


School in Washington meets its audience in a city known throughout the world as the center of American power.

If you have any questions, contact International Relations Department (main building, room 309a)


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