Kuzhakhmetov S.B. “The story of my success”

On 17.10.2022, a meeting of students with the Honored Coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan in powerlifting MS USSR, MSMK Kuzhakhmetov S.B. on the topic “The story of my success” according to the plan of events dedicated to the Republic Day was held at the Abylkas Saginov KarTU sports complex.
In the conversation, Serik Bazylgalovich told the history of the development of powerlifting in the world, its formation in its modern form under the very modest guidance of well-known authorities in the field of weightlifting in the USA. By the mid-60s, the rules of the competition were defined, and national level championships began to be held regularly. It is this period in the history of powerlifting that is the most expressive. In Kazakhstan, powerlifting became an official sport in 1985, when the USSR Athletics Federation was formed, in the presidium of which the Commission on Power Triathlon was created. In 1990, an independent USSR Powerlifting Federation was formed, which is a member of the IPF. Our experience of combining bodybuilding and powerlifting was, of course, not new, initially powerlifting or power triathlon meant the same thing in the concept of the mentality of Soviet citizens, then we moved to a single concept of lifting the barbell in three exercises – and it became powerlifting.
Serik Bazylgallovich started playing sports in 1976. The impetus for this was the performance of Temirtau weightlifter Yuri Zaitsev, who became Olympic champion in Montreal in 1976.
This year, half of the Temirtau children went to work in the weightlifting section, including me. In 1979, in Almaty, he fulfilled the standard of the Master of Sports of the USSR in weightlifting. He served in the ranks of the armed forces of the USSR from 1981 to 1983. During his service, he was a two-time champion of the armed forces of the USSR, a two-time champion of the land forces of the USSR, then returning from service until 1990, he was a member of the Kazakh SSR weightlifting team and took part in the USSR championships.
Powerlifting in Kazakhstan has been developing since 1984. At the first regional competitions in 1985 in this sport, he became the champion of the region, he was really fascinated by this extraordinary sport, where an athlete must prove himself in extreme strength exercises, such as squats with a barbell, bench press, and deadlift.
During the time of practicing this sport, Serik Kuzhakhmetov became a three–time champion of Asia (Philippines – 1993, India – 1994, Kazakhstan – 1995).
World Championships (England – 1992, Sweden – 1993, South Africa – 1994, Finland – 1995, Austria – 1996, Czech Republic – 1997, Ukraine – 1998, Italy – 1999, Japan – 2000).
Upon completion of his career in sports, Serik Kuzhakhmetov continued working in the Ministry of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a State coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan in powerlifting from 2001-2006, then from 2007-2009 as a senior coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan in powerlifting. During his time in these positions, he did not stop working at the Department of FW at our university. (Coverage of 250 people).