On April 22, an open curatorial hour for students of the group BZhD-17-1 of the Department «Mine aerology and labor protection» was held, dedicated to «April 28 – World day of labor protection»

At the curatorial hour, the lecture was made by the methodist of the Karaganda regional branch of the state enterprise Republican research Institute of labor protection Maldybaeva Rosa Bakhgabekovna. Useful information about the profession was presented. Occupational safety, health, duties and rights of the owner of the field of prevention of accidents and occupational diseases, etc. was reviewed. During the lecture, students received full answers to the questions

Deputy Dean on educational work Tungyshbaeva A. T. Head of the Department Zholmagambetov N. R. Senior curator of the Department Medeubaev N. A. Member of the Council of Elders of the University Sharipov N. H. presented on curatorial hour.