Curator hour on the topic:: Abay Kunanbayev-175 years old

Date: 21.10.2019 15: 05

Room: 430, main building

Охват студентов: 76 студент

Участники: СИБ-19-1, СИБ-19-2, СИБ-19-3

Ответственные организаторы: Акылтаева С.Д., Исин Б.Д., Жумабай А.Р.


Purpose: to acquaint students with the work of the great poet Abay Kunanbayev, his life path. Reading the poet’s poems, Abay compares modernity and the modernity in which Abay lived. To educate students to create creative, special ideas, diligence, honesty, free expression of their thoughts. Development of search, research activities of students, instilling skills. After reading the works of Abay, the education of students goodwill, devotion, humanity, respect for bad habits.

The course of the curatorial hour

  1. Organizational stage

Step 1 (creating a free and secure atmosphere))

Curator: zhumabay S. R. will acquaint with the theme, goals and plans of the lesson. A brief survey of students is conducted on this topic.

  1. in what year was born the great poet Abay Kunanbayev ?
  2. Why do we say Abaya is a great poet? What are the things that contribute to the presence in the library?
  3. Those who have read the work “the Path of Abai”? Who is the author?

The report “LD Depe si ya mA aides, late of artane Soz alderan” (these intellectual Nazerke, Amangeldi Mukhtar) (5min)

  1. Main part

Stage 2 (definition and formulation of the topic or issue of discussion))

Curator: S. R. zhumabay will tell about Abay’s words. One black word of Abay is read. (10 min)

Stage 3 (Abay’s poems dedicated to youth topics will be presented with a presentation (“Zamanakyr zhastary”, “Zhigitter oyyn Arzan, kulki Kymbat”). Each student expressed his opinion that poems on youth topics reflect and do not reflect the realities of modern youth. (15min)

III. Toning period:

It is about Abay’s songs. The students sang the song of Abai (6min)

Stage 4 (generalization and clarification of the results))

Curator: S. zhumabay summed up the results of the topic. Students noted that reading the works of Abay Kunanbayev is of great importance for the people, for young people. Creatively working students read poems from their creativity(7min)

Stage 5 (summing up and exchange of impressions))

Generalization of the passed topic. Gratitude for active participation and creative work of students (4min))

The end of the lesson