Curatorial hours “Integrity – the legacy of Great Abai”

What is Integrity? How to achieve it? These are the issues that concern everyone without exception in the educational space today.

On May 15, on-line curatorial hours on the subject of “Integrity – the legacy of Great Abay” were held at the Department of “Communication Systems Technologies”. The purpose of the event, dedicated to the 175th anniversary of the great poet, writer, public figure, founder of modern Kazakh written literature Abay Kunanbaev, is the formation of the universal generation of human values, the upbringing of the principles of honesty, integrity and raising the level of culture. During the curatorial hour, students watched a video of Ganizhan Asanuly, deputy director of the Integrity Department of the Anti-Corruption Agency.

Students discussed the postulates of the works of Abay – these are the foundations on which the upbringing of the younger generation should be based, those children and youth behind whom the future of the country noted that Abay’s edification words are of great importance for the young generation. Modern youth, listening to the poet, tries to adhere to the traditions and customs of their people. So we keep the national code of the Kazakh people, which we pass from generation to generation.