Round table «Рухани жаңғыру – туған жер»

Karaganda State Technical University

Department of Information Technology and Security


«Рухани жаңғыру – туған жер»

Date: September 23, 2019 Time: 15.05-15.55

Venue: building / aud.: Main building, 430 aud.

Date: 23 қыркүйек2019ж. Time: 15.05-15.55

Venue: building / AUD.: main building, 430 AUD.

Participants: Students of the SIB Amageldi Alisher, Amangeldi Muhtar, Duisenbek Ayman, Ermek Ernur, Nesipbaeva Alua, Erbolat Ardak , Karypbekova Aizhan, Mukhamedsadykov Almat.

Student coverage: 49 people.

Background: the Round table was held within the framework of the national program of the President “Rouhani air – Tugan jer”.

During the event, discussed the main directions, characteristics and value of the program “Rouhani air-Tugan jer”.

The purpose of the event was to address the following aspects: 1. the formation of students ‘ sense of patriotism for the Motherland, native land, in accordance with the program proposed by the Head of state, as well as the preservation of national identity, including competitive, educated, open youth-the future of the country. inform students that on the way of modernization we should be successors from ancestors and revive the good qualities impregnated with blood which are in a root today. explain that our national traditions, language and music, literature, rituals, in a word, the national spirit must remain eternal.

4.formation of students ‘ patriotism, love of history, traditions and culture.

The results of the work: to awaken interest in the historical era of our country, to educate patriotism and citizenship, to educate a conscious generation that thinks about the future of the country, knows the history of the past, respects traditions, language, confidently steps into the future.

Attraction of mass media, press service of KSTU, bloggers, etc .: absent

Responsible organizers: CoccosM.M.6 Zhumabay A.R., Duisenbekova S.D., Kulbaeva L.N., Isin B.D.