Round table on the topic “Alikhan Bukeikhanov: a man of legend”, dedicated to the 155th anniversary of the public figure and ethnographer

On March 12, 2021, on the basis of the Karaganda Technical University, within the framework of the Rukhani Zhagyru program, a round table “Alikhan Bukeikhanov: a man of legend” will be held, dedicated to the 155th anniversary of the public figure and ethnographer.

Organizers: head of the department of Russian language and culture Ospanova B.R., responsible teachers Tazhibayeva S.M., Kabanova A.B.

The form of participation is full-time with the use of DOT on the MS Teams platform.

Command code: vzhqap6

Target audience – 1st year students.

 Objectives of the event:

  • to introduce to the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan on the example of the life and work of the outstanding Kazakh public figure, ethnographer, publicist and leader of the Alash party Alikhan Bukeikhanov;
  • expand the horizons of students; instill an interest in learning languages, the history of your country;

In 2021, Alikhan Nurmukhamedovich Bukeikhanov, who is known as the initiator of the formation of the Kazakh nationalist party “Alash”, turns 155. A man who did a lot to achieve the independence of Kazakhstan, Bukeikhanov, until his tragic death, remained under the tacit control of the Soviet state security bodies, was persecuted for political reasons. Declassified and introduced into scientific circulation documents and materials of the Central Archive (CA) of the FSB of Russia allow to reveal previously unknown facts of Bukeikhanov’s political biography, to supplement the history of the creation and functioning of the Alash party and the Kazakh autonomous government of the Alash Horde.

Alikhan Bukeikhanov was the leader of the most advanced part of the Kazakh intelligentsia at the beginning of the 20th century. He was known as an encyclopedic scientist, founder of Kazakh local history, author of numerous studies on history, economics, ethnography, literature, economy of Kazakhstan, organizer of the most popular newspaper “Kazakh” in the Steppe region (1913-1918) and a talented publicist.

Alikhan Bukeikhanov is also known as the author of the first textbook of geography and astronomy in the Kazakh language, he was a member of the Russian Geographical Society, participated in several scientific and geographical expeditions both in tsarist times and under Soviet rule.

In this regard, the Department of Russian Language and Culture is holding a round table on the topic “Alikhan Bukeikhanov: a man of legend” among university students.

The main goal of the event: to arouse respect and interest in the scientific feat of Alikhan Bukeikhanov, pride in the fact that this great man is our compatriot; promote the development of an active life position, a sense of patriotism.

The event will be held in two languages ​​on pre-announced topics:

  1. Alikhan Bukeikhanov: a man of legend
  2. Scientific and pedagogical activity of Alikhan Bukeikhanov
  3. Social and political activities of Alikhan Bukeikhanov
  4. Journalistic and publicistic activities of Alikhan Bukeikhanov.

Within the framework of the event, issues of scientific and pedagogical, socio-political, journalistic and journalistic activities of Alikhan Bukeikhanov will be put forward for discussion.

Event coordinators:

Ten A.V., Baltabayeva U.K.

Tel .: +77013695940, +77023707646