Round table on the topic: “2019 is the Year of Youth”

03/28/19 a round table was held at the СTS department on the theme “2019 – Year of Youth”, the purpose of which was to reveal the goals and objectives announced by the First President of the Year of Youth; discuss the problems facing the youth of Kazakhstan.

Before the start of the round table, the senior curator of the department of the CTS Belik G.A. in the opening speech outlined the goals and objectives of the round table. Further,  the head of the CTS department Mehtiyev A.D. He said that the youth is the basis of the future prosperity of the country, called on students to participate more actively in public, scientific activities of the department and the university, wished good luck and resultative work.

A report on the official opening of the Year of Youth in the Nuralem Pavilion at the EXPO-2017 exhibition was made by a student of the RET-17-3 group, Maxim Mosunov. In addition to the story about the course of this event, Maxim voiced four main areas of youth support, which Nazarbayev  N.A. instructed to work out to the Government: affordable housing, quality education, availability of work and support for young families.

After an exchange of views on the first report, a student of the RET-17-3 group, Alexander Kashlev, spoke on the results of sociological research conducted by the BRIF ResearchGroup and the Scientific Research Center “Molodezh”. The report focused on the causes of youth migration, attitudes towards work and study.

After the discussion, the report was made by Vice-Rector for educational work Alpysbayeva Nazym Amangazievna. In her speech, she urged students to be more responsible for studying and working, not to be indifferent, to delve into the meaning of the nationwide patriotic idea of ​​“Mangіlіk El”, the program “Rukhani zhangyru”, culture of a healthy lifestyle and to take part in their implementation.