The concept of SCO university

The concept of SCO university
Contact data of head (Basic) USCO University
Model of SCO University
Study scheme at SCO University
Administration system of SCO University
Financial basis of SCO University’s functioning
Main stages of creation of SCO University

University must function as system of universities in states-SCO members and also in the countries-observers (Mongolia, India, Iran, Pakistan). Personnel training of higher qualification in the scope of SCO university should be implemented on priority areas of cultural, scientific-educational and economical cooperation of countries-participants of Organization (Energetics, Ecology, Machine building, Metallurgy, Materials Science, Construction, Transport, Fuel and Energy sector, History, Linguistics, IT – technologies).

The objective of creation SCO university are identified in the scope of SCO by many-sided normative-legal acts, taken by states-members of SCO and are concluded in:

  • Strengthen mutual trust and good-neighbourly relations between  countries-participants SCO;
  • Development of integration processes in the sphere of education, science and technologies;
  • Giving a new impetus to expansion multilateral educational, scientific and cultural cooperation;
  • Expansion of abilities for the youth to get high-quality, modern education, for teachers and scientists – to develop scientific contacts;
  • Assistance for effective cooperation of countries-participants in Organization of political, trade-economic, scientific-technical and cultural spheres

At the present time creation of full format of SCO University is presented premature on a number of factors:

  • Lack of normative base for mutual admission of joint diploma by all states SCO members;
  • Partial mismatch of Internet high-capacity links, which makes it difficult to use fully of modern electronic area of education, multimedia and telecommunication technologies;
  • Complexity of agreement forms and mechanization of joint financing in accordance with the norm of accept decisions in SCO.

In this connection the top-priority measures on SCO University creation must be directed on solution of the following main and extra tasks:

Main tasks:

  • Broaden the exchange of pupils, students, postgraduates, PhD students and scientific-pedagogical staff;
  • Increase of scientific-academic cooperation;
  • Introduction of modern educational methodologies and technologies;
  • Creation of mechanisms of acknowledgement and equivalence of documents about education of SCO University by states- members of SCO and world educational community.

Extra tasks:

  • Carrying out expertise and drafting of recommendations in specific areas of SCO cooperation;
  • Personnel training for SCO structures and affiliated organizations.
  • Creation of network of language (Russian and Chinese) and Country study courses.

Cooperation between states-participants in the sphere of creation and functioning of SCO University goes on the level of educational departments with attraction of leading educational establishments.