The KSTU team took the second place in the tournament “Student League” in volleyball season 2018/2019

About “ Student League” volleyball (boys)
season 2018/2019

The competition took place in the timeline with 8.10.2018 for 3.04.2019, in a circular system, according to the principle house.

A total of 8 teams participated:

  1. KSTU
  2. hag
  3. KEUK
  4. KGM
  5. KUMUD
  6. Bolashak
  7. Central Committee
  8. KPTK

At the end of the tournament Karstu team took second place. The performance of our University team can be considered successful.

The final location of the teams:

  1. hag
  2. KSTU
  3. KPTK
  4. KGM
  5. Central Committee
  6. Bolashak
  7. KUMUD
  8. KEUK

Trainer: Eleukeshov  O. N.