Keeping the traditions of the ancestors

On the eve of great holiday Nauryz, on 17 March, the solemn evening was held in Poltechnic cafe. The starts of University scene made performance for the audience. The event called “Nauryz Time” was dedicated to the completion of the traditional competitions, dedicated to this ancient holiday.

The competition was held in two stages

In the first round, participants competed in knowledge of the customs and traditions of various Turkic people, showed the costume show in ethnic style, and ended the tour with a competition in cooking Nauryz kozhe.

The second round was entirely devoted to national sports. The participants competed in tug-of-war, weight-lifting, national martial arts.

The event was organized by the Association of Student Trade Union of KSTU “Zhas Orda” with the support of the student activists.

Following the results of competition, places were distributed as follows:

1 place — Mechanical Engineering faculty;

2nd place — Architecture and Construction faculty;

3rd place — Engineering Economics and Management faculty.