Kazakhstan people save money on food

Why Kazakhstan people  save money on food? Own opinion with31 Channel shared doctor of economic Sciences, Professor, head of Department “Economics of enterprise” of  KSTU Bura Akhmetzhanov.

As reported by multimedia portal “informburo.kz” many residents of the Republic have to give up the fruits and seafood.

The main reason, of course, rising prices. As calculated in the statistics Agency of the Republic, since last year, the people are more cut back on the consumption of fruits, vegetables and fish.

Compared with last year, cereal prices rose by 21.1 %, flour — by 12.3 %, fish and seafood — by 6.8 %, dairy products — by 6.5 %, meat and meat products — by 3.8 %. If in 2014 the average citizen of Kazakhstan was spent on fish and meat 22.5% of all spending on groceries, but this year is 21.9 %.

Economists say that not only the appreciation of the products leads to lower consumer demand and higher prices for training, travel, albeit slightly — utilities.

Bura AKHMETZHANOV, doctor of economic Sciences, Professor:

— If you look at the January-February-March, the salary remained at the same level. Therefore, the population draws up the balance of their income and expenses. And began to save on food.

Over the past year, wages have grown on average by 9 %. The best gain — workers in the mining industry, 23 %. The rest had to tighten their belts.


— On food now I save my pension.

— On the passage. I live in Mihailov. Actually I often go on foot.

— I on clothes.

Each year abroad Kazakhstan buys products 4 billion. In short supply of their vegetables, poultry, and imports becoming more expensive. May help to regulate the prices of greenhouses being built in the South Kazakhstan region.