On June 10 published the results of one of the most authoritative ratings of leading universities around the world – QS World University Rankings.

In total, 10 universities of Kazakhstan (including 5 national) entered the TOP-1000 of the authoritative rating).

Today KSTU is the only university in the Karaganda region included in this rating.

QS ranks universities around the world by six indicators:

– academic authority;

– reputation among employers;

– the ratio of teaching staff and the number of students;

– scientific publication impact;

– share of foreign teachers;

– share of foreign students.

One of the important factors in assessing the prestige of a university is its reputation among employers and the academic community. By this criterion, KSTU significantly improved its position, taking 501th place in the ranking. University persistently and effectively works to strengthen relations with the business community. All sorts of scientific research, innovation, joint career events, and practices serve this. The university’s partners are the largest enterprises not only of the Karaganda region, but also of the Republic as a whole.

The strongest indicator for KSTU is such a criterion as the number of foreign students, according to which the university took 282nd place in the world, having improved its position by 102 points compared to the previous year, and according to the criterion “Correlation of teaching staff to students”, the university improved its performance twice, while taking the position 601+.

Promotion of KSTU in international rankings is the result of global competitive ability covered in the transition to an innovative entrepreneurial university.

Constantly working on the internationalization of the teaching staff and increase Citation Index, which are among the priorities of the University.

We congratulate the 14 thousandth staff of teachers, employees, doctoral students, undergraduates and students of the Karaganda State Technical University with a high position in the TOP-801+ and wish new achievements!