Calcite, its transparent kind – the Icelandic spar, dolomite, magnesite, aragonite, siderite, malachite (water carbonate).

It is the salt of carbonic acid. Carbonates differ with light feature, low hardness (3-4), спайностью and reaction with hydrochloric acid (10-5%), the intensity of different minerals varies and allow you to distinguish them from each other. These minerals are widespread and have rockforming value.

CALCITE (calcium spar) – CaCO3. Bright, of different colours, feature is white, transparent or translucent, shine is vitreous. Cleavage is  rather perfect for rhomb. Hardness is 3, weight easy. It boils under the action of hydrochloric acid with the allocation of carbon dioxide.

It occurs in the form of granular and crystalline masses, speleothems (stalactites and stalagmites underground voids)

It differs with low hardness and white line. Origin is different: hydroterminal processes, processes of airing and sedimentation in water basins and caves of the rocks.