Karaganda Technical University named after Abylkas Saginov took part in the International Partner Week within the framework of the Erasmus + Training Mobility program

From May 9-13, 2022, the head of the Center for International Cooperation and Academic Mobility, S.E. Rakhimbayeva, took part in the International Staff Week held within the framework of the Erasmus + Training Mobility program.

The VILNIUS TECH International Relations Department (Vilnius, Lithuania) welcomed 30 colleagues from 14 countries and 16 partner universities around the world.

Participants from different countries enriched the discussions with their unique experiences and ideas, and also had the opportunity to apply new digital tools. The university research facilities and the Innovation and Creativity Centre «Linkmenų fabrikas» were presented.  In addition, meetings were arranged with the VILNIUS TECH administration, representatives of faculties and units. Some of the participants were also giving open lectures to VILNIUS TECH students.

The participants also gave open lectures for VILNIUS TECH students. The unique program International Partners Week, combining networking, rich international content with cultural experience, received extremely positive feedback from participants. As a result of this trip, at least 5 agreements and cooperation agreements are expected to be signed with leading universities in Asia and Europe.