On May 02, 2019, the event “In Stone, and in Bronze, and in the Memory of the Heart” was held, dedicated to May 9 – Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War

The event was held by the students of the 1st course of groups with the state language of instruction, organized by the teachers of the department RYaK Tungushbaeva B.K., Ivanova S.V., Tleumbetova DB, Tusupbekov A.S., Kishenova A.Yu. under the supervision of the head of the department Russian language and culture of speech Ospanova B.R.

At the event were invited students of groups of the 1st course with the state language of instruction, teachers of the department, director of the Research Institute of Patriotic Education of the University Kudarinova Gulzhan Sotsialovna.

The event was conducted in two languages ​​- Kazakh and Russian, and also partly in English. The whole event was accompanied by slides telling about our fellow countrymen-participants of the Great Patriotic War and heroes of Kazakhstan, small documentary films about the contribution of Kazakhstan to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War were shown, interesting little-known facts about the war were cited. Students read a lot of poems about the war, both famous and author’s songs, performed songs of the war years, thematic dances, played kyuy on a dombra. Those who gathered at the event honored the memory of all Soviet soldiers who died during the war in battles for the Victory, tortured in the dungeons of fascist concentration camps, and also those who died in peacetime veterans, a minute of silence. Students of the following faculties were involved in the event: FIT, ASF, GF, TDF.

Student enrollment: 70 people.

Competition objectives:

– the formation and strengthening of the patriotic feelings of youth;

– fostering respectful and caring attitude in the history of his country and his people;

– fostering and strengthening civic engagement;

– development and support of students’ creative abilities.

Students demonstrated their knowledge of the history of the Second World War, as well as a genuine interest in the history of their country and their people. In addition, all participants of the event were able to show their creative abilities, good knowledge of poetry and even their own poetic gift. The students invited to the event listened with great interest and watched the video footage presented to their attention, and supported their fellow students in unison. At the end of the event, all participants and guests performed the final song “Victory Day” by A. Pakhmutova.


Responsible for the Department of Education of the RJaK department, senior lecturer Tungushbaeva B.K.

This event was published an article entitled “The feat is not forgotten” in the regional newspaper “Industrial Karaganda” for May 18, 2019.