Competition of Kazakhstan’s Korean people Association, Embassy of the Korea Republic in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Korean scientific-technical society “KAKHAK”

Competition on scholarship assignement of Social union “Kazakhstan’s Korean people Association”, Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Korean scientific-technical society “KAKHAK” (further – Competition) is republican and annual.

Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan of Korean nationality or people whose one of the parents is a person of Korean nationality-students, undergraduates and aspirants of higher education institutions and scientific-research institutes who are excellent students of study for the last 3 (three) sessions of day-time education can take part in Competition.

Winners of the Competition of previous years cannot take part in Competition.

Students passed not less than 3 (three) examinational sessions and aspirants from the second year study are allowed to participate in Competition.

List of the documents, necessary for participation in Competition:

-application for participation in Competition;

-autobiography of the applicant;

-copy of the identification document;

-copy of the student’s record-book for all years of study, notarized in the dean of the higher education institution

-list of the scientific works assured by the place of study (for aspirants);

– Recommendation of the scientific supervisor (for aspirants);

-copy of the parents’ identification documents;

-inquiry on family’s membership; (copy of the house register);

-inquiry on family’s income

-copies of the gratitude letters, diplomas and other incentive documents (if available)

All documents delivered to Competition Committee aren’t given back.

Criterion of the mark

Results of the last sessions taking into account academic progress for all years of study (average ball not less than 4, 75) are marked in higher education institution and doesn’t depend on the study year of the applicant.

The main criterion in assignment scholarships are:

For students:

Study only for “excellent” for the last 3 (three) sessions;

Up to 10% “good” marks are allowed for applicants to scholarship on natural-technical specialties;

Additional criterions in scholarship assignment are:

-availability of diploma, gratitude letter and other incentive documents;

-peculiar financial condition;

-participation in social activity.