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The Department of Industrial Ecology and chemistry was established in 1995. The prerequisites for creation of Department was to attract attention to the issues of environmental education, including engineering personnel, as well as increasing need in qualified engineers ecologists, capable to solve problems of environment protection and rational nature use in production and different spheres of life. Structure of Department includes Department of Chemistry which was a separate subdivision of KSTU until 1995.
The first head of Department of Industrial Ecology and Chemistry was Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Professor of University Yuri Dmitriyevich Obukhov, who headed Department from 1995 to 1997. In 1996 he was appointed to the post of Dean of Geo-Ecological faculty and again in 2004 headed Department of Industrial Ecology and Chemistry. From 2000 to 2004, head of Department was candidate of Chemical Sciences, associate Professor Oralova Aigul Turabayevna.

Currently 26 people of professorial-teaching staff work on department: Professor Obukhov Yu.D. (1963), assosiate professors Tursunov M.Zh. (1965), Оralova A.T. (1996), Naguman P.N. (2001), Таkibayeva A.T. (2007), Коkhalova B.Z. (2009), Issabayeva M.B. (2007), N.K. Omarova. (2001), Akimbekova B.B. (2005), Sherembayeva R.T. (2004), Dr.Chem.Sci., Ibrayev M.K. (2007), Nalibayev T.N. (2000),  senior teachers Zhakupova A.S. (1965), Malybayeva M.K. (1976), Dikanbayev Zh.A. (1996), Tsoi N. (1998),  Khozhina Zh.Kh (1987),  Kabylbekova G.K. (2002), Кenessbayeva A.M. (2002), lecturer E.N. Baklanova (2003), assistant Beznosko N.V.(2002), as well as 5 persons of educational-auxiliary staff. From 28 people of the faculty, 4 doctors of science and 12 candidates of Sciences. Many of them are graduates of University.
At  present time Department of industrial ecology and chemistry prepares students on specialties such as: 170340 – «Applied ecology (on branches)», 240540 – «Enrichment of minerals», 050731 «Safety of vital activity and protection of environment»,  050709 «Metallurgy». Speciality «Enrichment of minerals» was opened after a long break in 2001, Department has trained engineers-ecologists since 1993.

Specialties “Safety of vital activity and protection of environment” and “Metallurgy” opened in 2004. Department carries out two basic courses for all specialties: Chemistry and Ecology, also consultations are carried on implementation of division “Industrial Ecology” of diploma projects and works of future specialists – engineers and bachelors.

Teachers of department hold work firstly on ecological education and upbringing of university’s students. Educational work among students of curators of academic groups also doesn’t stay without any attention. During department’s existence there were prepared manuals on Ecology issues, e-books, safety of lifestyle, methodical instructions and syllabuses on disciplines, which are read on department.  Annually there published about 10…20 and more scientific works including participation of students. Teachers of department regularly participate in work of various international conferences and symposiums. There also shared attention on students’ science: there are six students’ scientific groups: students take participation in many scientific conferences, which are held in KSTU and other universities of city and Republic on ecological subject matter, which found reflection in publication in average 10…12 reports annually; every year students take participation in Republican contest of Ministry of education and science of the RK for the best ecological work of university’s students and are awarded with gratitude letters and diplomas. Main direction of scientific activity of department:

  • Cleaning of wastewater of industrial enterprises;
  • Monitoring of environment of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Descent of dust emission from stationary sources on various industrial enterprises without any extra power expenditure on cleaning;
  • Dedusting of transshipment arrangements of friable materials in overload from conveyer to conveyer transportation highway.

Certificates of recognition and patents of the Republic of Kazakhstan were received on higher listed themes. Brief information about teachers of department are located on KSTU website

Head of Department IE&C Kokzhalova B.Z.