The concept of SCO university
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Study scheme at SCO University
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Main stages of creation of SCO University

Department of Energetics has begun to train engineer-specialists on power supply (specilaity 210440 – power supply on fields) at KSTU since 1990 (till 2008 department of power supply and electrotechnics). Since 2004 department has begun bachelors training on speciality 050718 – “Electroenergetics”, since 2005 on speciality 050717 – “Heat and power engineering”.

In years of establishment of mining industry of Central Kazakhstan, considering necessity in engineering cadres in 1956 was formed department “Mining mechanical engineering”, associate professor, Cand.Tech.Sci., I.K.Khrustalyev was it  first head (1956 – 1957). During 1957 – 1960 associate professor, Cand.Tech.Sci., O.V.Khoroshev headed the department. In 1960 Department was headed by professor, Doct.Tech.Sci.B.G.Klimov, who productively headed till 1988. Opening of new mines and carriers defined necessity of industry in specialists of mining power industry and in 1958 was established department “General and mining electrotechniques”, head of department was associate professor, Cand.Tech.Sci., R.V.Kozlov (1958 – 1968). In 1968 it was base for organization of departments “Power supply of industrial establishments” (head  of department, associate professor, Cand.Tech.Sci. R.V.Kozlov – 1968 – 1974), then during 1975-1980- associate professor P.P.Kamensky ) and “Theoretical bases of electrotechniques” (Head of department associate professor, Cand.Tech.Sci. A.E.Yakovlev – 1968 – 1979). Since 1979 department “Theoretical bases of electrical engineering” was headed by professor, Doct.Tech.Sci.Yu.P.Galishnikov, and in 1980 department was reorganized and got name of Department of Electrical Engineering. Teaching of Electrical Engineering, Theoretical bases of electrical engineering, electrical machines and electronics was put on department, it played significant role  in provision of qualitative education in engineers training. In different years Department of Electrical engineering was headed by: associate professor, Cand.Tech.Sci V.S.Moiseyev (1984 – 1986), associate professor, Cand.Tech.Sci., A.Ph.Phazylov (1986 – 1989), associate professor of Electrical Engineering, Cand.Chem.Sci., E.G.Nadirov (1989 – 1997) – one of the first teachers of Karaganda mining institute.

For provision of electricians’ engineering training on general industrial and mining specialization, in 1980 department “Power supply of industrial enterprise” was combined with department “Mining mechanics” and guidance of B.G.Klimov it received name of department of mining electromecahnics. Since 1988-1994 department was headed by professor, Doct.Tech.Sci. A.N.Shpiganovich. Development of region’s development and whole Kazakhstan requires specialists training of engineers – electricians and after opening speciality “Power supply” in 1990 in KPTI, in 1991 it was renamed to department of power supply. In 1994-1997 department was headed by associate professor, Cand.Tech.Sci. M.L.Karakulin. With aim of optimization academic process curriculums on all specialities of university were unified and in 1997 departments “Power supply” and “Electrical technology” combined, and again established department was named “Electrical power and electrical engineering” and since that year it has been headed by Doct.Tech.Sci., honourary scholar of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan B.A.Zhautikov. In 1997 under guidance of B.A.Zhautikov on department was carried out admission of the students on speciality “Power supply” with Kazakh language teaching. In 2001 on department was opened new speciality “Electrification and automation of agricultural production”.

In order to improve productivity of mining complexes staff of department carried out work on revision and adjustment of electromechanical equipment on mining enterprises , annually carrying out economical agreement works with amount of more than 2 million tenge (head Zhautikov B.A.), scientific work was held on creation of mining and carrier of pneumolifting installation (Head Nikolayev Yu.A.) and also SRI on HS, along with it new disciplines in Russian and Kazakh languages are implemented into academic process, new laboratories are created. Department was one of the first which responded on requirements of industry in the sphere of informatization, created computer classes and introduced computer technologies and modern packages of applied programmes into academic progress. Credit system on Bachelors training is successfully implemented on department, who are engaged with research, development, designing of power system, on department was opened Master course on speciality “Heat and power engineering”. In 2008 Head of department was appointed associate professor of Electrical engineering, Cand.Tech.Sci. G.G.Tatkeyeva and considering profile of specialist training department was renamed to department of Power engineering.

There are 10 academic laboratories and 3 computer classes on department. Students carry out more than 100 laboratorial works on stands. Students of all specialties of university on disciplines Electrical engineering, HES, TOE, power supply study in laboratories of department. For the last years department’s base was renewed with electrical engineering complexes, which allow to model electrical-power systems and implement correspondence management, multimedia systems are introduced into educational process, which meets modern requirements, and put forward to the content and quality of specialists training.

At present department has following state licenses:

• installation and repair of mining equipment, explosion-proof electrical equipment and systems of control, emergency protection and alarm system;
• design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, testing and maintenance of electrical equipment and electrical networks up to 10 kV;
• revision, adjustment, repair and test of electrical equipment of water intake facilities at the mines.
Since 1959 Department has trained more than 2500 mining engineers-electrical mechanicians, electrical engineers and mining engineers-electricians.