Joint Stock Company “Kazpromgeofizika”


President – Romanov AleksandrAnatolevich

Address: 050004, Almaty, Abylaikhan, 58, tel: (7272) 73-85-84, 73-37-64, fax (7272) 50-14-85



Joint-stock company



(“Kazpromgeofizika” JSC)



Joint Stock Company “Kazpromgeofizika” created on the basis of the oldest enterprises of the former Ministry of Geology of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main activities of the organizations providing services for well logging (GIS), oil and gas companies.

Data from GIS allows subsoil users more efficiently develop hydrocarbon deposits. Geophysical Expedition, included in the composition of “Kazpromgeofizika”, were created in the most historic area of ​​exploration of Ural-Emba basin, where starting from 1930 conducted oil exploration and production. During the Great Patriotic War Geophysical Service (Trust “Embaneft”) was organized in Kazakhstan. Then converted from the trust have been established West Kazakhstan, Uralsk and Aktobe GIS expedition. And in 1948, exploration for oil and gas unfolded in South Kazakhstan region, where the Ili Geophysical Expedition was created, later transformed into the South Kazakhstan GIS expedition. Since 1957 is the history of Mangistau GIS expedition after the establishment of Fort Shevchenko trust “Mangyshlakneftegazrazvedka”.

n 1993, the decision of the Ministry of Geology and Subsoil Protection creates trust “Kazpromgeofizika” in the city of Aktobe, which included the expedition, and in 1995 the trust “Kazpromgeofizika” transformed into joint-stock company “Kazpromgeofizika”.

In December 1998, JSC “Kazpromgeofizika” reorganized into OJSC “Kazpromgeofizika” with the center in Almaty, subsidiaries converted into branches of OJSC “Kazpromgeofizika”, in 2004 the company was transformed into joint-stock company “Kazpromgeofizika”.

One of the oldest logging services of Kazakhstan, JSC “Kazpromgeofizika” has good production bases, all necessary equipment for conducting geophysical surveys in wells. Highly qualified specialists have a wealth of production experience, both in Kazakhstan and abroad: they worked in Viet Nam, Yemen, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Mongolia.


The composition of the Joint Stock Company “Kazpromgeofizika” consists of five branches:

– Aktobe branch of the Geophysical exploration wells (AFGIS)

– Ural branch of the Geophysical exploration wells (UFGIS)

– South Kazakhstan branch of the Geophysical exploration wells (YUKFGIS)

– Mangistau loging Service (MLS)

– Atyrau loging Service (ALS)



Currently, logging operations are conducted under contracts with customers in the wells for various purposes (parametric, prospecting, exploration for oil and gas, operating, pressure, water wells, wells to monitor the environmental conditions, wells to monitor the condition of underground gas storage facilities, etc. .d.).

The company’s policy – the acquisition of modern equipment, improving production technology, continuous training of professionals.

JSC “Kazpromgeofizika” successfully cooperates with the oil and gas exploration and oil and gas companies, performing downhole logging services in the wells. The main area of ​​work – license areas Customers in Kazakhstan. In the years 1998-2009 the JSC “Kazpromgeofizika” provides services in the following companies: JSC “Petro-Kazakhstan KumkolResorsiz”; JV “Kazgermunai”; LP “Jump Lines”; JV LLP “Kazakhturkmunai”; JSC NC “BCD”; LLP “Souths-Oil”; LLP JV “KuatAmlonMunay”; JSC “Ontustikmunaigas”; JSC “IntergazTsentralnayaAziya”; JSC “Tanashneftegaz”; CJSC JV “MATIN”; CJSC JV “Anak”; CJSC “Atyraumunaygaz”; LLP “KazneftehimKopa”; LLP “Montazhmalikmunay”; TOO “Mangystau-Monitoring”; JSC “Kaspiyneft”; LLP “Gurat”; JSC “Ai-Dan Munai”; LLP “Zhaikmunay”; “Atyraugidrogeologiya” JSC.

Joint Stock Company “Kazpromgeofizika” provides services for geophysical studies of wells in the directions:

– Geophysical studies in the open and the closed trunk of prospecting, exploration and production wells;

– Geological and technological research;

– Carrying out shooting-blasting wells;

– Processing and interpretation of GIS data in open hole;

– Interpretation of the results of technological research in the column;

– Digitizing and processing of old stock materials;

– Control over the development and the technical condition of oil and gas wells;

– Assessment of the current oil and gas saturation of producing wells;

– Vertical seismic profiling.



New work:

– JSC “Kazpromgeofizika” holds prostrelochno- blasting charges “Dina Energetics” and Russian company “Perfoteks”, together with “Schlumberger Logelco Inc.” and “Baker Hughes Services Inter. Corp. “Conducts shooting-blasting using the company charges,” Schlumberger “.

– Together with NPP “Helium” is working on processing bottom-hole zones, the selective water shutoff layers.

– To study the cased wells through tubing using pulsed neutron logging tools: AINKT-42T, 43T-AINKT.



Currently, partners of the company JSC “Kazpromgeofizika” are: “Geofiztehnika” LLC (Russia); “Kern” LLC (Russia); Perfoteh (Russia); SPC “Tvergeofizika” (Russia); “Pomorneftegazgeofizika” (Russia); Institute “Automation” (Russia); OJSC “NPP VNIIGIS” (Russia); Bashkir State University (Russia); Ltd. “VELCOM” (Russia); Schlumberger Inc. Lonzhelko. (France); “Dina Energetics” (Germany).


JSC “Kazpromgeofizika” is a part of Kazakhstan’s first Corporate University, created on the basis of Karaganda technical university, which became the mechanism related strategic development of the company with the development of its human resources.

Leading specialists of the company Corporate University of JSC “Kazpromgeofizika” involved:

– In the formation of the working programs of disciplines undergraduate specialty – 050706 “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits”, master – 6M074700 “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits”;

– The organization of educational, industrial and pre-diploma practice in branches belonging to JSC “Kazpromgeofizika”;

– To conduct lectures and practical classes in the disciplines of the specialty 050706 “Geology and exploration of mineral deposits” in the laboratories of the enterprise;

– In the formation cycle of elective disciplines graduating departments.


Together with leading experts of JSC “Kazpromgeofizika” conducted research work involving the faculty of the Department of GFiG, students, undergraduates, graduate students in the following areas:

Comprehensive study of the reservoir and the reservoir properties of rocks at oil wells studies.
Optimization techniques of nuclear-geophysical methods for determining residual oil saturation and current.
Construction of the correlation circuits of productive deposits for various oil and gas fields in Kazakhstan;
Geophysical surveys in the open and the closed trunk of prospecting, exploration and production wells.
Conducting geological and technological research
Every year in the branches of JSC “Kazpromgeofizika” are educational, industrial practice of students and undergraduates majoring in “Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits”, as well as internships faculty of the Department of Geology and Geophysics.

Agreed list of elective courses in conjunction with the department of “Geophysics and geology” in the framework of the Corporate University.

Agreed subjects Student work in the specialty department.

Problematic issues of “Kazpromgeofizika”


Improved methods and apparatus provide with geophysical surveys in the following areas:
– Geophysical studies in open and closed barrel of oil and gas wells;

– Geological and technological research;

– Processing and interpretation of GIS data;

– Control over the development and the technical condition of oil and gas wells.

Involvement in the activities of the enterprise customers of new license areas in the oil and gas industry in Kazakhstan.
Development of a technique of studying of reservoir properties of collectors Neocomian horizon Zhangurshi field (GIS YUKF).
The organization’s own production of certain elements of the logging equipment.
Perfection of a technique and technology of gas-dynamic logging on deposits of South Kazakhstan.
Training on the orders of the oil-producing enterprises of materials on the status and trends of development in the country and abroad geophysical monitoring the development of oil and gas deposits.
Training and skills development:
– The development of training facilities by organizing in all branches of the enterprise training centers and

branches of the department of “Geophysics and geology” KSTU, to train skilled workers training of engineers and technicians, training of employees KSTU;

– The direction of the promising candidates from the human resources for the preparation of highly qualified specialists in graduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies, including by the enterprise;

– The hiring of an engineer of KSTU graduates who have successfully completed the training and have mastered the manufacturing enterprise specializing in the profile.