IV Youth business- forum “POVOLJIE”

From 25 to 29 august 2014 under the patronage of the Governor of Nizhny Novgorod  region V.P.Shancev in the framework of the Federal program “You are an entrepreneur” will be held the IV international business- forum “POVOLJIE”.  Forum organizers: the Federal agency  for youth affairs “Rosmolodezh”, Ministry of support and development of small entrepreneurial, consumer market and services of Nizhny Novgorod  region, Youth business- movement  “KOLESO” and business –accelerator “Youth Innovation Center”.

Youth business- forum “POVOLJIE” is an open regional platform for career and personal development of young people, as well as the development and promotion of active and talented representatives of the generation of entrepreneurs. In the first nosiness forum was held in 2011 and became one of the largest annual youth business events in the region. Every year it gathers  500 participants. They are confident, know, what they want,  ask the right questions,  are able irate  responsibility for decisions taken. They are professionals, they know how to reach  goals and to  make useful  contacts. They are students, young entrepreneurs or those, who have their own business- project.

In 2014 participants of the business- forum “POVOLJIE” will be united by 4 categories:

“Beginner” (have  an interest in business-sphere), “Start –up” ( have own business- project), “Entrepreneur”  (have working business), “Innovational project”. Under each category has developed its own educational program  appropriate to the complexity and specificity of the necessary knowledge on some level. Besides educational activities6 will work expert platform, networking  platform  and playground “Open microphone” (the opportunity to speak with his project to the experts and get a mentor for 1 year). Also an integral part of the business forum “POVOLJIE” is rich in leisure program, which  by uniting with the education part annually becomes the storm of intelligence and of  drive!

The main event of the forum “POVOLJIE” will become a regional stage of the all-Russian contest  “Young  entrepreneur of Russia”, which for several years pass in 60 regions of Russia. In Nizhny Novgorod it will pass in first. For the first time in a long history of competition in the Finals, which will be held in the city of Moscow will take part entrepreneurs of Nizhny Novgorod region, selected on the forum  “POVOLJIE”.

We invite young millionaires oh Nizhny to take part, we are ready to tell the whole country about the successful projects of Nizhny Novgorod!

Within the category of  “Innovational project”  with the support of the “Association of Industrial parks in the sphere of the high tech” will be an educational program of the business- accelerator “Youth Innovation Center”,  aimed at finishing of the projects of participants. Thus, the participants will be able to get recommendations of the  mentors  to finalize business plans, as well as to prepare for a meeting with investors, which will be held September 10, 2014 under Investors Demo Day in Nizhny Novgorod.

On the opening day of the Business –forum on the pension “Burevestnik” will be installed “Wall of wisdom” and “Bench of ideas”. After the opening speech, key speakers of “POVOLJIE” will leave their wishes to young innovators on the “Wall of wisdom”.  Experience of the generation- for the benefit of young people!

And the same day, key speakers will open the “Avenue of entrepreneurs”, placing one apple tree around the “Bench of ideas”. Bright design of “Bench of ideas”- a symbol of innovation and bold new solutions. Everyone, who dreams to realize his dreams will be able to come to the “Avenue of entrepreneurs” for the inspiration- who knows , what ideas will “fall on head”  of the young Newton?

If you are looking for partners and associates, if you need in burning eyes to the team and new knowledge to scale and expand the business, if you want to  spend five days in the form of the active learning and leisure, together with those who need a lot of this life, and who is able to work and study in the afternoon and  rest in the evening on the coast of the sea  Gorky – we invite you to become a participant of the IV youth  business- forum “POVOLJIE”!

Registration for levels “Beginner”, “Start- up”, “Entrepreneur” – HERE

To register for the level of “Innovator” you should fill innovator’s  worksheet and the form of the presentation of the project and send to  e-mail  info@mictp.ru.


Innovator’s worksheet:

A form-  seed stage

B  form – Start-up stage


Cost of participation

For participants “Start-up- search- 2014”, who apply before 30.07.2014- participate for free!

For More information call: +7 (495)739-79-75

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