Italy through the eyes of students from Kazakhstan


Italy through the eyes of students from Kazakhstan

Италия1As soon as we knew students of specialties “Power and Heat Engineering” have opportunity to visit Italy we firmly decided that it’s worth of trying. You don’t have such a chance every day! On fixed day we passed written and spoken test of our English level. After a week we knew results and were very glad. Departure from Astana was scheduled for the end of October.

October 25, 2012 we landed in “Malpensa” airport, in northern capital of the country. From this place we needed to keep the way to Trieste, where would be the main part of our business trip. First sight to Italy made to understand that there are a lot of things which differ from that we used to see:

Firstly, weather – temperature on coming was about 18-20 degrees above 0, at the same time there was the first snow in Kazakhstan and 6-8 degrees below 0.

Secondly, people – a great number of them, considering that we were in airport and there are usually a lot of people, but when we came to city, found that crowd of people is indispensible attribute of Milan.

Because of it there was large number of cars. Narrow roads, cars and big number of pedestrians made a movement of the city quite difficult.

Coming to the station firstly we bought tickets on race to Trieste. We came very late at 21.20 to Trieste, where professor of the local university and our supervisor professor Rodolfo Tacani was waiting for us. On the way to place of our present inhabitation we shared impressions with him.

BenQ CorporationNext morning we walked in a city and our professor came by afternoon and then we came to University. After looking through the schedule and future plan of study we had small excursion in university. Building of university impressed with sizes and beauty. Our study should begin from next week by plan, for that reason next days were occupied with walks in the city and going sightseeing.

Study carried us away not less than Trieste. Big part of our study in Pordenone, it takes 2 hours to get there by train. In the intervals between studies we had two events:

1) Official acquaintance with rector. There was Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Italy on the meeting, and also a majority of honourary professors of University. As it turned out we were the first students in this university.

2) We were invited for official celebration of Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. As Consul of the Republic of Kazakhstan knew about us, he immediately gave agreement for this meeting. During conversation with guests, there was particular interest to our country, many of them even wanted to visit Kazakhstan in the nearest time.

Италия3We want to thank KSTU for such opportunity and wish luck students, who have desire to go to study abroad!


Nurakhmet Alikhan, student of group HE-09-2

Anuarbek Ulan, student of group PE-10-3