Invitation to the conference

Expressing our respect to you, on behalf of the Foundation „Science and Education” and its partners, we invite you to take part in scientific conferences which will be held in 2014 in the resort complex “Elenite” (Snny Beach Resort), Bulgaria.

The articles presented in the form of oral presentations and stands will be published in open access journals International scientific publications (International Scientific Publications – ).

The conference in June 2014

The second international conference «Food and Agriculture», June 5-9

The twenty-third international conference «Ecology & safety»on June 8-12

Sixteenth international conference «Materials, methods and technologies», 11-15 June

Conference in September 2014

The thirteenth conference of the international conference «business and Economics», 1-5 September

The fifth conference of the international conference «Education, research and development, 4-8 September

The eighth conference of the international Conference «Language, individual and society, 7-11 September

The third conference of the international conference «Media and mass communication», 10-14 September

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