Interuniversity scientific-practical conference “Alash movement, national clerisy and Stalin’s repressions”

On 28 February 2017, Karaganda State Technical University conducted Interuniversity scientific-practical conference “Alash movement, national clerisy and Stalin’s repressions”. The conference is devoted to the 100th-anniversary of “Alash” movement and memory of victims of political repressions of the 30s – 50s of the XX century.

Educational initiatives of yesterday’s figures of the Alash-Orda government gave remarkable results. Improvement of the literacy, development of a national school and the formation of modern general culture were among of their tasks. They clearly understood that the Kazakh people should be freed from the “darkness of ignorance” and fought for the preservation of national identity of Kazakhs, seeking to create educated and literate society. They did a great job for the current generation. The life and work of the founders of autonomy Alash Orda is a great example for every citizen of our country and it is necessary that we learned from the example of the great sons of Alash.

Deputy Akim of Karaganda region Abishev Zh.A., group mates of the President, Honorary professors of KSTU, Doctor of Political Sciences Suleimenova T.S., Doctor of Technical Sciences Sarekenova K.Z., First Deputy Chairman of Karaganda branch of the party “Nur Otan” Osspanova K.B.; reports of leading scientists of universities of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor of L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University S.M. Syzdykova; Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of E.A.Buketov Karaganda State University Z.G. Saktaganova; head of the state archive of Karaganda region, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Zh.Zh. Turssynova, head of the Department of History of Kazakhstan KSTU, Candidate of Historical Sciences, associate professor Kassymova S.S., students of KSTU A. Salikova, S. Beisenbekov

As Satay Syzdykov noted: “History of Alash Orda is an example both for Kazakhstan people and the whole world. Program documents and personal example will always be the guiding star in the formation of statehood for our and future generations. But the main difference of Alash autonomy from many other states appeared that time – the leaders of “Alash” relied not on force but on education and science”.

Zauresh Galymzhanovna Saktaganova, professor of KSTU, highlighting emphasized 4 periods associated with major milestones of the short-lived but left an appreciable trace of the three-year existence of the party “Alash”, expressed regret about the shortage of reliable sources on this important theme. “Most of the documents are important for understanding this problem, they are not available for us. Many of them are kept in special depositories of Moscow and the access is sometimes partially or completely closed for us. Most of them were destroyed those years. It interferes to give coverage to this problem in the historical literature”.

 Professor Nursakhan Akhmetova, in her report on the scientific activities of Alikhan Bukeikhan said: “We need to learn the lessons of world history, because, as the great son of the Kazakh people pointed out – no foreign wars and other tragedies. I am very pleased to participate in this conference. But I would like that interest to the figures of the Alash-Orda was not limited to it”.

In conclusion, the conference adopted a resolution, supported “unanimously”.

Resolution. Text.