Interuniversity Information Technology Quiz ERAM Systems – 2014

Goals and objectives of the quiz

Identifying the most talented young people with relevant knowledge and skills to solve the problems associated with the introduction of new information technologies.

The development of logical, creative thinking of students, the awakening of interest in solving non-standard problems in the field of programming, the development of software systems and web applications.

Quiz Organizers

LLP “PLUSMICRO” ERAH Systems Competence Center in Kazakhstan,

Karaganda State Technical University (department of IP).



LLP "PLUSMICRO" ERAH Systems Competence Center in the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Quiz participants

In the quiz EPAM Systems - 2014, students of 1-4 courses of universities of Karaganda can take part.


Dates of the quiz

04/14/2014 - 04/23/2014: Registration, Department of Information Systems of KarGTU, 408a. main body

04/26/2014: Grand opening of the quiz. Competition.

04/26/2014: Evaluation of works. Summarizing

04/28/2014: Grand closing of the quiz and awarding prizes.


Place of the quiz

The Republic of Kazakhstan

Karaganda, Boulevard of Peace, 56

KSTU, Department of IP, 200 (ae) aud. Ch. building