International scientific-practical conference “Integration of science, education and production is the base of the implementation of Plan of the nation”

December 10-11, 2015 Karaganda state technical University holds the International scientific-practical conference”Integration of science, education and production is the base of the implementation of  Plan of the nation” dedicated to the 100th  anniversary from the birthday of academician A. S. Saginov.

The conference will include the following sections:

Section 1. 5 institutional reforms of the President of Kazakhstan

Section 2. Topical issues of higher professional education

Section 3. The energy of the future – innovative trend EXPO-2017

Section 4. Innovative technologies of rational use of nature

Section 5.  Green economy

Section 6. Engineering entrepreneurship

Section 7. Innovative technologies in the mining industry

Section 8. Current issues of natural Sciences

Section 9. Metallurgy of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Section 10. Mechanical

Section 11. Chemico-biological Sciences

Section 12. Modernization of construction and housing

Section 13. Innovative development of transport

Section 14. Socio-economic development of the society

Section 15. Information technology

Section 16. New materials and technologies

Conference working languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.

Those wishing to participate in the Conference please until November 15, 2015 to submit to the Organizing Committee:

  • application for participation on the attached form;
  • theses of the report (s) prepared according to the following requirements;
  • a copy of the document confirming payment of registration fee.

Telephone for information: (8-721-2) 56-52-34

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