International scientific conference Morocco May 20-27, 2015 Publication RISC HAC

On May 20- 27, 2015 in Morocco will take place conference: Problems of quality of education, Problems of agribusiness.  Acceptance of documents and materials for publication – until April 30.

The organizing Committee provides the participants a wide choice to publish articles (for full-time and part-time participation).

The editors of scientific journals PAE thanks to modern technology, provides open access to the article, all the articles are placed on the website in free access to the beginning of the conference, which can significantly increase Your science citation index (RSCI).

All the materials are available in the scientific electronic library (SEL). Publications in journals RAE provide Your personal fast growth of the h-index is the main generally accepted quantitative characteristics of the productivity of the scientist. Clearly the contribution of the publications in PAE in the increase of the h-index can be analyzed by using the Russian scientific electronic library (

Active citation of papers published in the journals of  RAE, associated with a high impact factor and SCIENCE INDEX RSCI magazines and TIC websites magazines in the search engine Yandex and Google PR.

For additional information, contact  International relations department (main building, room 309a).

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